Why Play Golf

You may be swinging all your life without knowing why you are golfing. Or perhaps, you may be wondering all your life why want to play golf. Whichever the case may be for you, one thing is for sure: you do not know the benefits you could get from playing golf.

Golfing is one of the healthiest sport there is. It is healthy for you in a way that it has a lot of health benefits that it can offer to whoever decides to play golf. If you are planning to get that physically fit body, you may need to know that if you play this sport, you are like walking about five miles for only a one round of game. A complete round of golf could cause your body to burn an estimated 1404 calories. So, you say good bye to calories and fats the fun way.

Another striking benefit of golf is that it is good for your mind. Aside from the fact that you get a relaxed and joyful mind-setting with being able to play with friends and strangers who are yet to be your friends, you are also able to harness your brain through the different strategic planning. It also develops a sense of better outlook in life since this enables you to learn the basic golf lessons applicable in real life.

These are just some of the reasons why golfing is considered an old man’s game. For retirement planning, you may consider going to golf courses with a heartwarming atmosphere. You may also include going away for more chances of gaining new and wonderful experiences from new and amazing encounters with friends.

You do not need to plan an expensive and a grand vacation for yourself once you retire. You may just stay right where you are and you would just have to maximize whatever is there. In this way, you will be able to avoid spending more.

Play golf not just because you like it but also because it is good for you. Besides, while being healthy and learning, you get to have fun in playing.

Golf Tips Not to Be Taken Seriously

If the only thing you know about golf is how many mistresses Tiger Woods has had, then it’s pretty safe to assume that you have no golfing experience whatsoever, not even putt-putt at a miniature golf course. Your closest encounter with the sport is probably catching a glimpse of a tournament on TV when you got lost in search of TMZ (to learn all about the Tiger affairs).

If you do intend to give golf a chance, the following are some tips to help you keep your sense of humor while your swing keeps on missing the ball.

Tip #1 – Nothing attracts a golf ball more than water. Don’t despair if your shots keep on ending up in a water hazard because it’s not really your fault; it’s just the ball’s nature.

Tip #2 – Balls get treed all the time. They don’t ricochet.

Tip #3 – One night, sneak into the course with a ladder and some scuba gear. Gather all the treed and sunken balls and make money off of them. Note: In Australia, water hazards may have sharks, so… make sure you didn’t cut yourself shaving. (Please also note that this tip is entirely jocular in nature. I doubt if any of the compensation lawyers Sydney has will take on your case if you decide to go diving in a shark-infested water hazard to steal golf balls.)

Tip #4 – The veteran golfer most generous with dispensing free (unsolicited) golfing advice is the one with the highest handicap.

Tip #5 – Golf clubs can be demon-possessed. How else are they able to fling themselves from your clutch or do something totally different from what you intended them to do?

Golf Tips That Are Simple To Follow

There are many golf tips that are provided out there when it comes to playing golf. In this article, we will go back to the basics.

Start at the driving range first before you progress into the 18 hole golf course. The driving range will enable you to polish your swinging skills. There are professionals in the driving range who can assist and teach you how to properly do it.
Wear the proper gear. What you wear is important because you have to be able to move freely when you are swinging. Stay away from clothes that restrict your range of movement.

Wear gloves because you want to make sure that you can properly grip the club as you swing it. Golf shoes that have spikes should be what you are wearing so that your feet will be firmly planted on the ground.

One of the most important tip is that you should just practice. Like any kind of sport, if you regularly play the sport, you will enhance your skill in swinging and aiming. If you do not practice, how else can you improve your stance, aim, and the way you swing the golf club?

Follow these simple golf tips and in due time, you will become a much better golfer.